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camper reading a book while looking out through tent door


Borealis Adventure Camp was founded in the spirit of providing increased opportunities for kids to connect with themselves, other kids, strong role models, and the outdoors, in an environment that prioritizes positivity and health.

Every detail of the Borealis A.C. experience has been carefully crafted with great intention and thoughtfulness, starting with its unique name. Commonly believed to be derived from Greek dialect, the word Borealis is well-known for its use in the naming of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. And just as catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis is a magical experience that fills us with wonder, so to is time spent at camp.


J O R Y   E L L I O T T

Founder & Director

Jory's enthusiasm for the creation of meaningful, positive, and fun environments for kids and young adults to learn, grow, and prosper is on full display at Borealis Adventure Camp.


He founded camp to combine his passions for nature and childhood development in a way that would benefit young people for decades to come.

His experience as a camp leader includes several summers spent as a Camp Counsellor at Tamwood International Camps, leading groups of kids from around the globe, at camps in both Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. He also served as the Director of Camps, Programs & Marketing at a well-respected, Ontario Camps Association accredited, overnight camp in Ontario, immediately prior to founding Borealis A.C.


Also a professional ice hockey coach, with experience that spans four decades and includes several seasons as an Assistant Coach at the University of Waterloo, he is valued in that community for his athlete-centric development process, which considers the needs of the individual equally alongside the need to develop skill.

J E F F   K I S H

Assistant Director

Jeff brings incredible enthusiasm for life, and loads of camp experience to his role as Assistant Director at Borealis Adventure Camp.


His outstanding experience in childhood development includes six years in increasingly advanced roles with Tamwood International Camps, ten years in the cruise line industry as a children's programming lead and Assistant Cruise Director, and most recently, three years in advanced leadership roles within the overnight camp industry in Canada working at Ontario Camps Association accredited organizations.

Jeff's continued quest to live his best life and share that excitement with everyone he encounters spills over into the dynamic experiences campers and staff have when attending Borealis A.C.

jeff kish, assistant camp director
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