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campers jumping for joy with sun setting behind them


Your Home, Away From Home

Our community based living clusters bring bunkmates together and nestles them comfortably amongst the birch, pine, maple and oak trees of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest that envelopes us. Each platform raised glamping accommodation sleeps both counsellor and camper, ensuring everyone gets what they need, when they need it. All of our 'cabins' have access to a private changing area, with glamping worthy washroom facilities just steps away.


Each individual sleeping space includes a camping mattress fit for royalty and provides storage for personal belongings, keeping everything brought from home right at campers fingertips.

Campers, with the guidance of their counsellors, take responsibility over the tidiness of their sleeping spaces and the greater community cluster, chipping in to keep everything neat and clean for everyone and learning valuable life skills that contribute to their positive growth and independence.


Bunking Up

Drawing up our accommodation rosters is a thoughtful and deliberate process, in which we consider each campers interest's and the unique perspective they can lend to their grouping. It is important to our staff that campers feel connected to their bunkmates through shared interests, without sacrificing diversity. The result is that everyone feels like family, no matter where they are from.


Bunkmates share special moments together each day at camp, such as playing board games during rest hour, preparing and performing skits as a group, or sharing in end of the day reflection time.

Accommodations are shared by campers in three distinct 'cabin' types; male, female and all-gender. These options allow us to provide traditional binary sleeping spaces, while also providing the opportunity for siblings or friends of mixed genders to bunk together, as well as a neutral space in which non-binary campers may choose to bunk.

We do our best to honor campers advance requests for friends or family members to be bunkmates. These requests are considered when developing bunking rosters with the intent that we ensure all campers feel at home and have an incredible experience.


Freedom From Tech

We are a camp that runs free of modern technology. Digital music players, tablets, phones or video game devices are not allowed because we aspire to have campers bond with each other, excel in the activities available to them only while they're at camp, and have the opportunity to connect with the incredible surroundings that our wilderness based summer camp provides.


This doesn't mean your camper will be out of touch however, as we encourage families to write letters and keep in touch the “old-fashioned” way. In fact, our campers really look forward to mail delivery twice a week and parents cherish the handwritten notes they receive from their kids for years to come! We also offer up our 'phone booth' daily for campers who want to record an audio message to send home. And in the rare case where missing home doesn't seem to be easing for a camper, we will facilitate a video call with home in efforts to help the camper find additional comfort and direction.


Camper Care

Our youngest campers benefit from the support of the highest camper to counsellor ratio of any program we offer. As campers age, our camper to counsellor ratio intentionally decreases, allowing for the increased benefit of a more empowering environment, where increased ownership of their experiences takes place.

Our youngest staff members are 18 years of age, bringing young adult maturity to their roles at camp. Every staff member at camp is, at minimum, First Aid & CPR trained and has acquired a clear Police Background Check. We staff our waterfront with a National Lifeguard certified Waterfront Director who oversees the lake, and at minimum someone who is Bronze Cross certified accompanies all out-trips.

Out-trips are pre-scouted by a member of our directorial team, ensuring they meet safety and program standards, and are led by a qualified tripping leader.

Ultimately, we govern ourselves, at minimum, by the rules and regulations laid out by our provincial camping association, as well as local, provincial and federal governments.

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