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green mailbox at the head of a gravel road


Being away from home often comes with many emotions and we know that some of those can be challenging to navigate, often moreso for parents/guardians than kids. That's why we've created several methods for campers and parents/guardians to connect with each other.

Postal Service

One of our personal favorites, because it's so unique in today's world to receive something hand-written and sent via the mail.  We encourage this method because it's uniquely camp, and we know from experience that receiving a hand written letter is incredibly personal and impactful, both in the moment you first open it, and again when you stumble upon it 12 years later.

We supply envelopes and stamps for outgoing camper mail, making it easy for our campers to send mail home every day if they want to.

Phone Booth

Another throwback style of getting in touch, because camp, only this booth goes just one way, allowing campers to record and have a voice message sent home. As with all activities at camp, campers get to choose if they want to use this tech or not, which is available to them each day.


Safe to say, if you don't hear from your camper via this method of communication, that means there's absolutely nothing to worry about and they're simply busy having a great time with friends! 

Video Call

In the rare case that missing home doesn't seem to be easing for a camper, we will facilitate a video call with parents/guardians in efforts to help the camper find additional comfort and direction.

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