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Open House


RSVP to join us at our first ever Open House, where you'll learn all about what we're planning for our amazing summer of camp in 2024!


And since you'll be one of the first families to create some core camp memories with us, we're going to lock you in at 2024 enrollment rates for every consecutive year your camper joins us beyond next summer.

You'll also have the opportunity to;


  • Meet our awesome Directors

  • Take part in uniquely fun camp activities

  • Join a guided tour of the site

  • Feast on delicious eats

  • Share in our first official campfire

  • Win free weeks of camp

  • Win original camp merch

Details you need to know;

  • Arrival will take place in a very specific window of time in the early afternoon and requires taking our shuttle service to reach base camp

  • Departures will take place throughout the event and require taking our shuttle service to reach your vehicle

  • You must RSVP in order to receive arrival and departure times


Scavenger Hunt


We're organizing scavenger hunt routes from both Ottawa and Toronto to make the trip to our camp Open House a little more of an adventure, if that's what you'd like it to be. You can make all the stops, or just one, it's really up to you to choose your own adventure. 


Each route will offer special stops along the way, where you might collect a unique item, sample a great snack, or take a photo with a famous landmark, before loading everyone back in the car and punching the coordinates to your next destination into the GPS.

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