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canoe sitting on calm, small lake with cloudy sky


Base camp rests on the shores of a serene private lake in the middle of beautiful Hastings County. Less than 15 minutes south of Bancroft, Ontario on highway 62, you reach the head of the scenic route into camp where our Traveler's Outpost awaits your arrival.

When planning how you'll get to camp for arrival and departure days, there are a couple options you can consider.

Make the Drive

We completely understand your desire to see your kids off, that's why we created the Travelers Outpost here at camp. Here, we greet families upon arrival to help campers make the rest of the trek into base camp, and on departure to help them load their belongings into the car for the ride home. Located less than three hours from the city centers of Ottawa and Toronto, the route to camp is not only scenic, it's simple to navigate too.

Ride the Bus

This option provides parents/guardians the option to save some time by meeting at one of the designated points on routes from Ottawa and Toronto, where campers will depart and arrive by camp organized transportation. This option is subject to an additional fee not included in the base enrollment fee.

Don't see an option that works for you? Get in touch with our Camp Director through the contact option below that works best for you and let's figure out how we can get your camper to and from camp this coming summer.

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