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sun rising over a small lake


Borealis Adventure Camp is nestled comfortably amongst the birch, pine, maple and oak trees that inhabit the magnificent Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest. Our base camp resides on the South East shore of a serene private lake near Coe Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Accessible only by navigation of the winding dirt road in, which weaves its way through the peaceful wilderness that surrounds camp, campers are treated to picturesque sunsets and night skies full of stars for as far as the eye can see.

With kilometers of trails at our fingertips, and access to several other lakes within the boundaries of the same private land tract, the potential for campers to experience wilderness adventure is virtually limitless.


Less than a three hour drive from the city centers of Ottawa and Toronto, the trip to camp is not only scenic, but simple to navigate too.

Our Intentional Relationship with Nature

Borealis Adventure Camp was founded with a commitment to stewardship of the natural areas we play and grow in unison with. And with that, we invest great thought into our interactions with the site we call home, focusing significantly on limiting the footprint we make through the procurement and utilization of locally sourced and responsibly produced food, renewable energy sources, waste reduction practices, and infrastructure design.

This intentionality is enhanced through our land partnership with Land'escapes, who shares our same vision to provide places for people to connect with nature through low-impact recreation that incorporates sustainable practices aimed at respecting the land we use for those activities. Their expertise in outdoor recreation only enhances our ability to offer incredible programming, and their team of park rangers provides an added layer of safety to our operations.

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