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teenage campers standing on edge of cliff with backs to camera, sun setting in front of them

@ Camp

The Fun Doesn't Stop

It's your turn to start passing on the traditions that make you love coming back here so much!

As part of the Young Leaders @ Camp program you'll take on a leadership training role and work closely with counsellors and leadership team members to learn the ropes.

Becoming Leaders at Camp, and Beyond

Our Young Leaders spend their summers enjoying camp life, participating in their favorite activities alongside campers, while learning about work ethic, helpfulness and responsibility. They collaborate with our counsellors to offer the best experience possible for campers.


And although it may seem that they’re training to become counsellors, they’re really preparing to become great leaders, role models and citizens at Borealis Adventure Camp, and beyond!


Delivering the Goods

Young Leaders have the benefit of enjoying camp while taking on added responsibility that will help them learn practical skills in a close-knit team-oriented environment that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Young Leaders get to join in on the light-hearted fun that makes camp so awesome, while at the same time getting acquainted with the responsibilities of becoming a counsellor, having the opportunity to work with counsellors and the leadership team, often in areas of interest or expertise.

Not only do they practice their skills, Young Leaders learn how to teach their skills in a fun and effective way. Through teaching, Young Leaders hone a keen skill set while improving communication skills, organization, and leadership.


Skills and Abilities

The skills that Young Leaders learn go far beyond camp and translate into all facets of life. They might appear to be camp-specific, however they’re actually very life-specific. Young Leaders learn leadership skills, build character, gain confidence, master effective communication, and develop accountability.

Borealis A.C. recognizes age 17 as a significant benchmark of maturity in a teen's life. It's when they have to begin to apply independent work ethic and develop the intellectual and emotional tools to excel in what they do as they head off to post-secondary education or make their way into the workplace. This Borealis A.C. program helps Young Leaders realize their greatest potential as leaders and responsible members of the community at camp, and beyond, equipping them with everything they need to succeed!

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