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Creative, Affordable & Flexible Ways to Give Camp as a Gift

The holiday season is upon us. Are you ready for it?


If you’re still wondering what to get the kids in your life this holiday season, you’re in luck, because we’ve got some creative, affordable and flexible ways to give camp this year. We’ll show you how to get creative with items you’ve already got around home, combing them with our Camper Welcome Package to make this a gift that will deliver joy well beyond the end of 2023!


Lets get to the fun stuff, shall we? 👏


Camper Welcome Package - When you enroll between December 1st and 15th, you’ll receive a Camper Welcome Package in time for the Big Day, with a camp tee in your campers size and choice of colour, a camp sticker, and a personalized post card from our Camp Director. And as an added bonus, he will be available for a video call the day of the present giving as well, to personally welcome your camper for the summer of 2024!


Now this alone would be a great gift to receive, but we’ve got some fun ideas as to how you can make it a little more ‘campy’ for your would be camper and peak their interest in the days leading up to the gift giving.


Stuffed Animal Surprise 🧸 - Grab a large stuffed animal, dress them in the camp tee, put a life jacket on them and zip it up to cover the camp logo. Put a bow on its head, and let the bewilderment begin.


Backpack Befuddlement 💼 - Dig out an old duffle bag, backpack or suitcase and stuff it full of random items, including the camp tee and sticker from the Camper Welcome Package. Wrap it with some ribbon and a bow and prepare for the confusion to set in.


Sleeping Bag Stumper 🛏️ - Grab a sleeping bag you’ve got kicking around, roll the camp tee from the Camper Welcome Package up inside, wrap it with some ribbon and a bow and you’re all set to keep them guessing right up until the Big Day!


Paddle Partners 🛶 - Find a paddle (bonus marks if its novelty size), affix the camp postcard from the Camper Welcome Package to it with some ribbon and a bow. When they open it, give them the partner gift that includes the camp tee and sticker from the Camper Welcome Package.


And if you come up with your own creative way to give camp, be sure to share it with us on social, as we’d love to see how you’re getting your kids excited about summer 2024!

So, how are we making it affordable and flexible? 🧐


We know finances are always a consideration this time of year, and how could they not be with the cost of living right now. With that in mind, our installment plans, plus sibling and multi-session discounts, are the perfect recipe to give camp and not break the bank 💰


Holiday Payment Particulars - Purchase your weeks of camp after December 1st, and you’ll only pay the $250 deposit in 2023. The remainder of the fees will be split into equal installment payments that are billed monthly. Under normal circumstances those installments would start on January 1st, but we’re pushing that back to February 1st to allow a little more cushion after the holiday rush.


We also offer a sibling discount and referral bonus of $100, applied May 1st, and a multi-session discount of 20% for any camper who enrolls to attend more than one week of camp.


Date Adjustments - Not 100% sure what your plans for summer 2024 look like just yet? Not to worry, we provide families the ability to adjust dates, pending available space in the weeks they are requesting, as their plans firm up.

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