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What good is a world where we don't consider the needs of our fellow humans? We don't think it's too good at all, and because of that we intend to give as many families as possible the camp experience through our Financial Aid and Scholarship programs.

Financial Aid is available on a case by case basis for families who are under financial strain, but still wish to provide their kids with a summer camp experience.


Our Scholarship program rewards underprivileged members of the communities where we live, work and play, who wouldn't have the opportunity to attend camp without receiving financial assistance.


To this end, we have committed to working with community organizations to identify and cover tuition for underprivileged kids who demonstrate the positive traits we covet at camp in their daily lives.  It's one additional way that we lead by example and have a positive impact on our world in the process.

Those selected to receive a scholarship will benefit from a multi-year funding model, which will cover the cost of camp attendance for more than a single summer, allowing them to become valued members of our camp family.

For both Financial Aid and Scholarship inquiries, choose the contact method below that best suits your preference and our Camp Director will respond in a timely manner. 


All Financial Aid and Scholarship requests are confidential.

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