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Whether you'll have a camper sharing summer with us or not, we've got a bonus for you if your referral leads to a new camper joining us.


If you do have a camper joining us, what could possibly be better than a summer filled with fun, memories and spectacular adventures? Sharing that summer with a sibling, extended family member, and friend!

We respect and value your time, and because we're asking you to help us share camp with others, we've made the reward for doing so a crisp $100 off of your campers tuition, or in your pocket if you don't have a camper attending.

This applies to any additional campers from your household, beyond the first camper enrolled for a season, plus extended family and friends.

You can fill out the form below and our Camp Director will reach out to your friend about joining us this summer. If you'd rather tell your friends about us, that's great too! They'll be given the option during enrollment to let us know who referred them.

Terms & Conditions

Thanks for sharing!

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